How often do you pumpkin someone of the opposite gender?

In the interest of Girls pumpkin Guys day, I was wondering:

Girls, how often do you pumpkin a guy?

Guys: how often do you pumpkin a girl?

Lets not judge anyone's responses, this is just a discussion.

  • Once a year or less
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  • 1-4 times a year
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  • Once every month or two
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  • Once every week or two
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  • Multiple times a week
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  • Every day
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  • Multiple times per day
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i would answer, as soon as i get a clue what you're asking lol

    • okkkaaay? xD

      thanks lol

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    • oh hahaha xD

      i guess pumpkin = ask? :D

    • That makes sense I suppose. Hahah

Most Helpful Guy

  • I looked up what this means and the only definition I could find that sort of fit is "rednecks like to pump their kin" so never


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