I'm feeling depressed about where I live, what should I do?

First, my age is messed up on here, I must've entered it wrong when I signed up. I'm actually 24, not under 18. So don't call me a kid or anything.

Second, let me just say that this is a question relating to race. I know this is a sensitive topic for most. If you're the type of person who is PC and gets offended easily, stop reading this. If you want to continue reading you can post advice if you want, just try your best to be open minded and sympathetic to my situation.

Third, For those of you who can undertsand my situation, or who're in it themselves, etc. I need your advice asap.

Anyway, now to the question. Where to begin. Well, I feel depressed all the time :( Where I live white people like me are a minoirty. I'm from a "majority-minority" state. Meaning we have more minorities in here than white people. I can literally go days without seeing a single white person, it's so hard becuase I want to have white friends and be around other white people. And when it comes to dating well good luck with that, finding a white girl around here is near impossible. I've thought about moving to a 'whiter' state, but I don't want to leave. I'm feeling suffocated here, being surrounded by Latinos, Asians, and Blacks, with only a few white people around. It's sad. When I see a white person, I feel an extreme sense of belonging and an immediate connection with them, because it's great to finally see another white person! How does someone deal with being a minoirty? And if you're a white person going through the same thing i am going through please leave a comment below. Even though I feel alone in this, there must be others who feel the same way or have/had a similar experience.


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  • You sound like a 'white' psycho. Pftt get a grip and give people a chance because you're not gonna get out of there so easily if you don't have connections


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