Have you ever been immersed into a culture you did not like?

Whether because of job or relocation in general.

1) Where did you move from and to where?
2) What about the new host culture bothered you or was different?
3) What kind of effect did it have on you?
4) How did you deal with the situation?


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  • I've lived abroad twice (in the United States and in South Korea) and what I've learned is that there are no perfect cultures but also no inherently bad cultures. In both countries there were things that I thought were really awesome and others that I thought were really stupid and that I will never understand. The experiences also helped me immensely reflecting on my own culture and seeing the stupid or annoying sides of it.

    • I am not saying there are neccesarily good or bad cultures. Its just a question of fit. Even in any country... there are regional and sub-cultures.

      Its a question of it being a problem.