Did he not like me at all?

This guy I know would talk about his girlfriend (only twice actually) in front of me.

The first time was almost in a, 'I have a girlfriend,' kind of way. I was telling him he would be away so I wouldn't see him for tutoring, and he said, 'No I'd travel back because my girlfriend lives here.'

The second time was in a casual conversation, saying, 'Yeah she's one of my girlfriend's friends.'

It didn't bother me becaue I didn't like him, but I kind of thought he liked me. Guess not.


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  • Doesn't sound like he does

    • Why do you say that? The first time I think he was rude trying to let me know he had one, I think the second time was more him trying to show off.

      He's not exactly good-looking. I think he may have just wanted to prove he was capable of getting one. Which to be honest, I'm still not sure she actually exists.

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    • I'm not attracted to him, (at all), but I am sort of enthralled by his intelligence.

      I don't have a lot of clever friends. Actually I have none.

      I want him to like me. If not romantically at least as a friend.

      And you don't treat your friend by telling them to indirectly back off

    • He didn't tell you to back off he just said he was taken

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  • GUESS NOT. Darn. Don't have to be a homewrecker. Gosh. What a shame.

    • Does that really warrant for not liking someone?

      If he was gushing all about how much he loves her I understand, but twice is barely anything

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