Guys, Need male advice. I was seeing someone for 3 weeks he ended it. But there is a car group he is part of online I want to join. How long to wait?

I don't feel like I owe him anything it was only 3 weeks and he acted like an idiot in the end by ignoring me and then texting that he wanted me then ignoring me. He is now back with his ex.
The only thing is before we meet I bought a new car and really wanted to join the owners club online but didn't before meeting him. Part of what attracted me to him was the fact we had the same car. I really enjoyed having someone to chat to about the cars and would love to meet other people but he is part of the club. He would be able to guess it was me as there are only a handful of our cars, around where we live. Would you find it weird or stalkerish if a girl you saw briefly suddenly appeared on a club you were part of? If so do you think I should wait? I did tell him a few times I was going to join. I don't want him to think at any point I care or want him back. I don't. We stopped speaking about a week ago now. I must admit I was hoping to use it to meet like minded men.


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  • I wouldn't bother waiting, especially if you already established that you were going to join


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