Guy want to FIGHT for NO REASON?

Guy want to FIGHT for NO REASON!?!?!?!?!?!??!???
I was sitting in disco club outside and one girl had birthday I wished her happy birthday. After that I just touched her arms, but wasn't like picking up or anything like that!! her guy saw that and he hold me from back and wanted to fight with me.

What do you think?


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  • Because there are, and always will be, assholes on this planet.

    So... you need to have a plan for them.

    What's your plan?

    My plan has always been to be badass enough to make them think twice - and if they still choose wrongly - I just put them in the hospital. I'm a very nice guy... I have a code of ethics I live by. I will not pick on or bully anyone - and I never have in my life. But I will LAUNCH YOUR ASS TO THE MOON if you make a beef with me.


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  • It's the booze...

    there's always a reason, most of the time it's just not a very good one.

    • what booze mean?

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    • actually it's not really funny haha. Bruce Lee wasn't big fake guy, but could bit the shit out of people :D

    • cool story bro..

  • Sounds likebhe might have a small penis. Poor guy

  • cool story bro... perhaps grow a pair and realise not everybody is nice... somebody your age should have got that by now..

    • I'm 18 by the way. But there's no reason.

    • I know, but hei it's pussy shit. He waas so smart blah blah and her girlfriend said it's nothing.