Did any one of you heated a out the Officer?

Did any of you hear about the police officer
Ben fields who threw teenager girl to the ground and with her still in her desk. Did he, have a, right to do that or not. If the teachers had problem with her call her parents first. WhAt is your opinion?


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  • The officer went too far. I saw a kid do this once at my high school. They just picked the desk up with the kid in it and moved it into the hallway.

    That being said, if that was my kid in that chair, I would be applauding that officer and telling my kid she's a dumbass.

    • Really you make no sense her you know he did wrong but if it was your kid you would be okay with it. Oh I hope you don't have kids

    • I make perfect sense, there is no way in hell I would tolerate my child doing that... no way in hell. The officer being wrong does not make that child right. Being self responsible means you as a person do not tolerate less than acceptable behavior.

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