Did I have a lame Halloween for a 20 year old?

So I'm a huge introvert and hardly have friends. I had a very stressful week due to issues with men as well as my studies in college. It was honestly horrific. My Halloween consisted of me listening to music, drinking wine and getting fairly/really tipsy, eating better than sex cake, dancing around to said music with the lights off except a lava lamp... Then I drove around at midnight and listened to music and just wandered about.

is that pathetic? This guy im talking to asked me what i did, and I don't really want to tell him. Apparently a lot of people at my school are going out and partying and I feel so... Lame...

Am i?


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  • Well my Halloween (yesterday, it's 6:30am here) consisted of a bit of garden work, relaxing in the garden, homework and procrastination. Then I went to see The Martian which was really good. Then I came home and ate a whole breaded chicken breast, only to be told by my mum after I finished it that it was raw. I don't even care :P

    I don't think your Halloween was bad, there's nothing wrong with staying home.

    • Aw yours sounds great in my opinion ^.^ especially that chicken haha

    • Yep. If I get food poisoning, forget I said this, okay? ;)

    • Haha :) of course

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  • If you're happy and you enjoyed your day who gives a shit what anyone else thinks?

    • I didn't enjoy it though. I was so stressed and upset that I broke down every few hours because of various things that happened the last few weeks. Ugh, but you're riight.. I mean, it just matters how I feel about it.

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    • Thanks, I hope to tomorrow. Something more fulfilling. & I hope your life gets better if its like mine :/ sometimes things just keep building up and there's no relief.

    • Thanks girl :) make sure to have fun

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  • today i took my dog to the vet, went shopping, saw paranormal activity, and danced around in my underwear. we all have pathetic days sometimes. :)

  • the least you can do is make a story out of it
    we all have our boring days

  • Yes you did but mines was worser!