How do I make my mom understand that I don't want any gifts?

So Christmas is comming, which mean gifts, snow, elfs and santa. In Denmark it's a tradition to recieve one gift EACH Sunday leading up to Christmas eve. It an be like a little piece of candy, socks, pens etc,
This year I just don't want it. I'm gonna throw it out anyway and I think that other people might need it more than I do.
I already told my mom this, that I really didn't want it this year, but she got very mad at me. especially when I told her, she could just donate the money to the ''sunday gifts'' to organizations.

She refused to listen to me, called me silly and selfish.
However, I really don't want to accept there presents - how do I make her understand that I DON'T want them? and that I'd rather have her either keep the money or donate them.


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  • Oh I've been in similar situations before. You just have to straight up tell her that you don't want them. I can't think of any other way.


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