Would it be better if they had tables and chairs where you can order your food and drink in live concerts?

Stupid…dat’s y I don’t like live concerts much…. it should be like they do on movie theatres where you can have yer seat along wid yer food and drink….

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  • Well, in concerts I like to jump and scream and get on people's shoulders... people ordering drinks and food would fucked that up, so...
    That's why I prefer concerts over night clubs. There are people with their drinks everywhere and people running because there are orders to deliver and it's not cool that they hit you and make you stop dancing lol

    I think it's better if a whole place is designated to dance and another one to eat and/or drink. All together is just noooppppeeee

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    • basically in rural areas people r always shorter on average in any country...

    • yeah, that's true :/

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  • Fuck gimme my mosh pit


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  • That would be fun!


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