What should I do when my boyfriend is sad?

Me and my boyfriend were gonna have kids when we were married now he doesn't want any. He's scared of loosing me or something happening to them. We have only 3 more weeks until were married. He's afraid if we have kids I'll leave him I would never do that to him I told him but he's too upset right now. He said its happened to lots of his friends. One of his friends was 16 when she had her first kid her second when she was 22 now her boyfriend is on drugs or something they can't decide wether to stay together or break up he says he made all the wrong choices including having kids. Some of the neighbors kids he grew up with they all have kids now. One has 3 kids she's been engaged for 12 or 13 years. That don't make any sense. Her brother has a daughter his girlfriend is having twins they're not even engaged yet. His cousin's girlfriend has 3 kids by 2 or 3 other guys. He's worried that stuff like that will happen to us. He thinks having kids is a bad thing now. I just made breakfast for him he doesn't feel lik eating. How can I comfort him?


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  • He has cold feet. Reassure him, make him aware of the way you feel and that your r/ship is special as it's unique. Despite what other's around you have gone through, that's their story. Yours is unique. If he keeps questioning, maybe it is time for you to question before the big day. All the best x


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  • This guy sounds like a real beta male drama queen. Very unmanly to behave this way.


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