We often hear it talked up in many parts of Society, but do you think equality between the Sexes is still a myth?


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  • It is still mostly a Myth.

    There has been a lot of progress regarding equal rights and what not, but in too many peoples heads, this news hasn't arrived yet.
    some still feverishly and blindly hold on to "tradition" and keep having backward opinions on sexuality, family organisation and womens rights. God forbid the woman of the house is professionally/financially more successful than the husband... one can literally see how those men's ego crumbles (and his dick shrinking).

    Also, too many people mistake equality for "beeing the same". Men and Women are not the same, they complement each other (ideally), each have their strenghts and weaknesses. Equality only means, we are both supposed to be treated the same before the law, that we both have freedom of choice. The right to study, to work, to vote, to divorce, to marry whoever we want, or not marry at all. etc etc etc
    We have all of that now, thanks to the warrior ladies of the 60's and 70's

    One thing we are certainly not on level yet is professionally. The "first world" is always complaining about demographic transition. Whining about low birth rates however is just not going to cut it. Women can say bye bye to a career as soon as they have a kid. some manage to combine both, but they are not the norm and usually can fall back on a good network of grandparents and babysitters. Part time jobs are still not possible in high paying positions, day care is almost unaffordable in most countries for low income families. Businesses will almost certainly hire someone who is childless. So what women with a bit of ambition, is going to sabotage herself by popping out babies? Less and less every day.

    On the other hand modern men want to have more time with their family and babies. Yet it is still frowned upon when a man (father) wants to cut back on work. Same there, they can kiss their career goodbye if they are not available to work 300%.
    In Switzerland they get 3 (!!!) days of paternity leave when their child is born. 3 fucking days! That is so incredibly unfair to them. What do men do here? They take vacation and unpaid time off. Unpaid time off, when you actually can use every penny you get.

    There is still a lot to do in regards to equality.


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  • Equality is something most people definitely strive for

    But it's impossibile tbh...
    I think we should be fighting for respect!

    I think the big misconception regarding equal rights for women is that women want to become more like patriarchal men. If that's the case women will never be treated with equal respect.

  • I hear it talked up many many times, but I don't ever hear anything contructive on the matter. There is always some ulterior motive behind starting this conversation. To me, equality between men and women will never be achieved. It is common sense, why that is the case. The bit I don't understand is, why people talk about equality as if one or the other side "has it better" than the other.

    • In many cases we do have ikt better

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    • Quantitatively**... I just got home from work :>

    • I'd hope I would be worth at least 2 cows!! Plus a Camel! Anything else is just insulting 😂

  • True equality between sexes can never and will never exist I'm afraid the best anyone can hope for is what we have now in the more civilized parts of the world.