Can she file a restraining order against me?

So, here is the scoop.

Yesterday, I Was driving home from work (it's a 30 minute drive) and I happened to follow this car for nearly the entire trip. We happened to coincidentally pull into the same convenient store and the lady got out of the car and screamed at me, calling me a "stalker." She told me she got my license plate numbers and would call the police.

-I've never seen the lady in my life
-It's not like I follow this lady on a daily basis, so there is no way there could have been a pattern as well.

What can she do? There is NO evidence on her part, right? I wasn't even following her. I can't be more angry with this.


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  • You don't really need much basis to file a restraining order to be honest. Apparently it's really easy to do, and nobody will review evidence.

    • HOWEVER, I don't think she will. She got scared and was just trying to scare YOU to make you back off. That would piss me off too but if you put yourself in her shoes she was probably terrified and is an extremely paranoid person. She'll just go home and be glad you didn't follow her then and will forget about it, but that paranoia will stick with her... Just forget about it, nothing will come of it :)

    • Does a restraining order go against your record?

    • No it only goes on your criminal record if you breach it, then you'll be charged. But don't worry about it she won't do it, she'd probably only do it if it happened again, which would be terribly coincidental haha

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  • I'm not a lawyer, but I don't see what the cops can do in this situation. There's no evidence that you did anything wrong. Bitches be crazy.

    • Exactly! I know it was a major coincidence, but I seriously drive that same way home every day and she just happened to pull in before I did.

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