If you're talking to a guy and you block him?

Will he know?

I was messaging this guy, and out of nowhere he stopped replying. It was so insulting, I could see that he had 'seen,' the messages, but he didn't reply (twice).

I got annoyed and blocked him.

I'm wondering if he even realizes i did that. What are the chances he went back to my profile and checked?


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  • You blocked a dude just because he stopped messaging you. The chance are he will never known you blocked him. GAG doesn't send block notification.

    • Over Facebook. And he wasn't my 'friend' (like Facebook friend)

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    • There many factors at play here. Maybe the guy is forgetful. Maybe his internet cut off. Maybe there is bug in Facebook were he didn't see you messages. However the most likely thing is that he doesn't check his Facebook that often. I have one I haven't checked it in at least a month.

    • No he checked it. I could even see the 'seen' (that he saw my message).

      He was just being dumb

  • He doesn't get notified unless he tries to contact you. Sorry - I know you were looking for a thermonuclear effect but blocking isn't quite the weapon most people think it is. We get over it really quick.

    • I didn't mean over Gag I meant over facebook

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    • Why wouldn't you? Isn't that what actually leads you to friend them?

    • Not necessarily - I usually just friend people who send me a request. Or I send them one.

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