I do not understand why some women die in child birth (Can someone explain this to me)?

I really just want to know how to prevent this when I find someone who I love. I don't want to lose them (May God protect them from that). What can I do?
Note : I'm just asking this for educational purposes (I do not have a girlfirend, or anything)


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  • Many times it is due to uncontrollable hemmoraging (blood loss) or obstruction (baby has a hard time passing through the birth canal). Larger babies in women with smaller hips or a pelvis that doesn't open up like it should can cause the latter, or an umbilical cord wrapped around the baby's neck. There is nothing you can do about any of these things, other than making sure she has access to good medical care during her labor and delivery. The hemmoraging can often be prevented by making sure she eats the proper amounts and correct foods while she is expecting, and is vigilant about taking her prenatal vitamins and supplements. It can also be caused by hard or long labors, through--and these are unavoidable as well. Do not rush the delivery of the placenta. And watch for bleeding for the first few weeks after a birth; not just the first few hours. Also, being age 23 or older when she gives birth helps. It's a scary thing, but being educated about it will help you feel a little better. The two of you will get through it together.

    • Alright--I don't have anyone yet; but yeah, it is better to be educated about it. I live in Canada, if that helps. No, actually, it should help. Basically, it's just the blood loss that's the problem I presume, and also what comes after the delivery?

    • Yes, mostly blood loss. Other things can go wrong too, such as her blood pressure dropping too fast or even heart problems stemming from the sheer amount of pain she will be in, but those things are more rare. Canada's maternal mortality rate is better than ours here in the US, so she is safer there, if that makes you feel any better.

    • Heh, God is the ultimate protector. I have faith in him. But thanks for the facts. I appreciate it

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  • There are several reasons. My mother could've died if I had had natural birth. I was just a big baby and she have always been too skinny. So, she wouldn't endure it. Luckly the doctor saw it days before and nothing bad happened.

    • So, essentially if you live in a pretty wealthy country the chances of maternal mortality is low (I live in Canada, if that helps). Does this mean, I can speculate on the fact that by taking care of your wife the chances are dramatically low as well? Skilled care perhaps. I don't know why, but my nerves convulse when I hear this stuff--fear, I think. It's better to be educated about it though for when the time comes.

    • Yes, I agree that if you take care of her the chances of her dying will be drastically reduced. The rates of women mortality in child birth are low in wealthier countries, so I think that the chances of her dying there are minimal.

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  • Hypertension type things, blood loss/problems. Lots of things can go wrong I guess. You would probably be better off Googling it.

  • They push so hard that they die. I think.