Why don't you want kids?

So it seems like a lot of people on here don't want kids. That's completely fine of course but I'm curious, why don't you want kids?

If you want kids this question is obviously not for you.


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  • I don't like kids, I'm the eldest of four so I've been put off haha. They're noisy and messy, and I really can't be arsed with the 'talking to children' voice you have to do to communicate with them.

    Call me selfish, but I'd just rather live a quieter and freer life. When you have kids, you're tethered to them. Everything takes a lot longer and involves a lot more planning because you have to organise it round childcare, even the most basic things like going to the supermarket.

    I want to be free to have hobbies. I want to keep my body how it is for as long as possible; I like my figure, and not having stretchmarks on my stomache. The idea of pregnancy and birth is very unappealing to me, I don't want to go through that pain. I want to be able to have lots of sex with my future partner, whenever we want, without having to worry about whether the kids can hear, or being too sleep deprived to be in the mood.

    I also really dislike schools. I hate how petty the rules are, the really early mornings, the 'mummy politics' in the playground. And even if, as I probably would, I loved my own children and considered them exceptions to my not liking kids, having the would mean having to deal with other people's children.

    Because of all these things, I probably wouldn't be a very good mother. Kids don't deserve a Mum who resents them for being the reason she can't live the life she wants to. I can have a really bad temper, I know I'd probably smack my children, which wouldn't be great. I might be neglectful, or make them feel bad about themselves.

    It's not that I'm a completely cold, un-nurturing bitch. But I'd just prefer to be nurturing for my partner, than for children who were dependent on me. I'd prefer to just have that caring, mutual and equal relationship with another adult, than have to be responsible for someone else's whole life; that would be too much for me.

    Also the whole issue of overpopulation and the future being very uncertain for the younger generations. I'm not sure I want to contribute to that.


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  • 1. I have no desire to be called, "Mother," or any version of that term.
    2. I have no desire to be called "Grandma" or any version of THAT term.
    3. I have no desire to put my career on hold for even a day.
    4. I have no desire to put my body through the trauma of carrying or birthing a child.
    5. I have no desire to put my relationship through the stress of bringing a child into the world.
    6. I have no desire to provide my nieces and nephews with cousins.
    7. I have no desire in making my parents grandparents - they can wait for my baby crazy sister to do that.
    8. I have no desire to save my money for anything other than what I want to spend it on. And that doesn't include a child.
    9. I want to travel the world more than I have already done so.
    10. I have a clotting disorder and it's genetic. So EVEN if the other reasons didn't exist and I actually wanted kids (I don't) I'd not have them because the chances of my bringing a child into this world who would suffer strokes like I did would be quite high.
    11. When I envision myself in 10-20 years it's me and my boyfriend (who would be my husband then) just being us and having adventures together. No children.

    And these reasons, as valid as they are, will rub everyone on here the wrong way because I'm a woman and I'm apparently supposed to want to have a billion children or whatever so I'm somehow being "selfish" by depriving you random internet people of a hypothetical child :p

  • I don't like kids because I have little patience for them. However, I'm not a prick so I do treat them as nicely as possible because they surely deserve it. I wouldn't want kids, not in this or another lifetime.

  • Kids are annoying and i really want to live my life and enjoy every moment of it! 😅😅😅 I have dreams and goals in my life besides i don't want to be a mom now not before my 30s and before i reach my goals of course!😅😅

  • Because I think it's pointless. Humans reproduce and the cycle of life continues, but for what?

  • I am afraid of losing my body and my husband not liking me anymore or not feeling attracted to me.
    I am also afraid of the postpartum depression.

    The stitches /c section.