Centre of gravity?

When my girl Hannah was younger she did gymnastics anyway she carried it on for a long time just doing it for enjoyment alongside her ballet training till she was around 23 when she started teaching ballet and yesterday she was showing me a home video with her in a amateur competition that her mum had recorded and her sister had converted to DVD.

Hannah was a natural performer on the floor (never seen her smile so much) she won the floor part I was really curious though watching when Hannah performed on the balance beam was Hannah's naturally lower centre of gravity (I know most say a girls cog is around her hips) helping her to do all the flips and somersaults or was it practice or likely a bit of both

pure curiosity guys I am was never brilliant with physics at school

Sorry just a quick fix where I said was helping I mention the beam and say was I meant to say would
Sorry phone is acting up even that came out wrong !


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  • Generally a females cog is in the middle, and a males is at the top at his shoulders (most guys have wider shoulders than hips)
    Things that are top heavy tip over more easily


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  • you weren't brilliant at English either :P, jk. anyways, what's your question?

    • Sorry phone is ruddy awful my English is pretty good , I was trying to establish if Hannah's lower centre of gravity was helping her to perform on the beam or if it was a combination of both training and cog

    • damn, bruh. your phone hates you. it's a combination of both. the taller you are, the wider the area of support needs to be. the further from the center of mass something is, the slower it rotates.

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  • I know Michael Phelps's body proportions was very instrumental in his winning all those swimming medals

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