Hello people. Can you answer this pleasee?

So this guy in my class has been staring at me since day one and he checks me out when I stand up. Lets call him Jack. Now Im interested in this other guy in our class who he talks to and sits around him. Lets call him Bryan. So Bryan has flirted with me 2 years ago in the hallway. Now, he has looked at me and even sat near me a couple of times even though we have a seating chart.
But recently, he sat next to me and he was getting closed to me until he saw Jack looking at us and he put hs hand down (thinking I wouldn't see) and pointed at me. As if meaning,"herr?".

I saw it from the corner of my eye Nd I looked at his hand and he quickly put it away. A couple of the guys sitting in that section would randomly sit near me and say out loud that it's the best seat in class and would move their chair near me. Soo.. why do you think he pointed at me? Do you think Bryan will back off because I really don't want him to. Is it bro code to back off?


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  • It seems like the guys in your class are talking about you behind your back in a good way. They must think your hot and pretty since the guys are trying to sit next to you. Maybe they are doing some bro code type of thing.

    • That's what Im freaking out about... I don't know what they're talking about.

    • Thank you very much for the upvote. I think try not to freak out about it because you can't control what they think about you. Just do the best you can and just go with the flow.

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