Why would he delete me from facebook?

why would you delete someone from facebook?

┬ĘSo from about February to June this year i was involved with a guy. We didn't offically date, but we would take pretty much everyday, and at the end of those three months i had enough of not knowing what we were so i started ignoring him, and he kept messaging me, trying to get my attention.. you name it..

We had this instant connection kinda thing.. so even though it was only a few months it was really intens.. or at least for me.. The longest we went physically was making out.. even though he was in in underwear lol

About a month ago after not talking at all he messaged me asking me how i was etc.. And after that he keeps popping into my head.. I can't get over that connection we had.. i have never had that with anyone before or after him.. And When he messaged me i was very hsortg in my answers, and i was kinda cold (i think i had just been stood up by another guy) and now he has deleted me from facebook..

It kinda offende me a little.. why would he do that?

Maybe i was offended because i apart of me hoped that we could meet up when im visting my sister (they live in the same city)..


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  • He might want get rid of you since he is offended.

    • i guess there is a posibilty for that lol

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