What's your idea of a perfect house?

Please include details :) like whether you want an indoor pool or something like that...


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  • A modern cottage. I would like the whole place to be open living. Very natural with natural tones. A lot of sunlight to be shedding through the windows so there will be a lot of natural light. A mixture of textures such as stone, solid timber. I would even like to maybe have a casearstone kitchen bench top. I want it spacious, i don't want to feel like i'm feeling crammed inside. Just very natural as possible and incorporating a lot of nature into it. I would like to own a decent size of land so i can grow my own veggies and fruit trees. Have a beautiful pond garden with fishes.

    • Oh my gosh, I'm so on board with you. That's exactly what I picture my perfect house too ;) modern and old fashioned at the same times, so nice...

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    • aww. good luck!

    • thank you!

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