Guys, Are you attracted to plus sized women?

Are you attracted to or would you date a plus size women. I'm not talking about very large over 250 lbs, I'm talking about plus sized curvy and a little extra weight these women tend to have large busts and butts but are still healthy and active. Do you find this attractive or not? And what do you like or dislike?


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  • Yes I find these kind of women attractive, besides I would love here for her not her body.

    • That's nice to see most men focus on a women's body and forget that there are a million things that make her who she is not just what she looks like.

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    • Don't be so hard on yourself. The right guy will come in time.

    • I hope so lol and I'm sure you will find a girl who will want to get to know what makes you the awesome person you are.