How many times have you gotten sick right on a planned celebration, party or hang-out?

Sometimes I feel like just like this type of character from Hey Arnold cartoon:

Though, unlike him getting into every type of accident... sometimes I get sick just when it's either days before the big planning with friends, an important celebration (even my own damn b-day) and just recently on Halloween. I had a fever right on the 30th and the next day, I had a running nose and was still getting better. I'm much better now.

If not that, then I get my period and cramps sometimes during social reunions too.

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So yeah, my accident is getting sick or my period right on plannings several times. I hate that.

For instance last time, I had a planning to go to the beach with friend and two days before, I had to get my period and cramps.
I feel like a Jinx just like him.


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  • Never, I guess it's pure luck, I always feel good when I'm celebrating or going to a party :D

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