Did you ever get more than one day of Detention for breaking school rules?

I have three days of Lunch Detention, starting today, wondering if other people have done something at school, and got more than one day of Detention.

  • Yes, my record was two days of Detention for something I did
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  • Yes, my record was three days of Detention for something I did
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  • Yes, my record was four days of Detention for something I did
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  • Yes, my record was five days of Detention for something I did
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  • Yes, my record was more than five days of Detention for something I did (comment how many days)
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  • No, my record was only one day of Detention for something I did
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  • I never got any day or days Detention at School
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I led the league in detention back in high school, haha, I actually got a superlative award for it just before graduation😎

    But my favorite multi-day detention story is from junior year. I went to a big time sports factory high school, so being one of the athletes, I guess I was part of what we thought was an elite group. So basically, if you had a letter jacket, at least for one of the major sports, you didn't wait in line for lunch. Not an official rule of course, but we all just walked past people and basically dared them to stop us. Dick move, I know, but back then, we were all dickheads, haha. So anyway, this one day, I'm casually strolling past, and this one kid (who was on the debate team and carried a fucking BRIEFCASE to school) decided he wasn't having it and grabbed me by the jacket. And good for him, in retrospect, but at the time I was like "who the FUCK do you think you are?", which I suppose should have been asked of me, but whatever😂 So i grab this kid by the collar and threw him up against the wall, and he's all red faced and huffy, haha, and we basically just stood there for a second with fistfuls of each other's shirts. Then I just kind of pushed him off me and was like "fuck outta here" and kept going. So I get to the register after getting my food, and I get an earful from the much lady at the register. She's like "I see you guys cutting the line, next time I'll send you right to the back!", and I'm just just like "cool, whatever." So a few days later, same deal, we all cut the line, and then I get to the register and it's that lady again. She starts in on me again, and threatens to send me to the back next time, and I'm like "yeah, sure thing, lady. How much do I owe?", and she says gruffly "$1.50." I give her two dollars, and then hit her with the Home Alone swag and said "Keep the change, ya filthy animal!"
    And then I turned and walked directly into the vice principal's chest😖 and he hit me with that one week of detention swag. Humbling to say the least, hahaha.

    • Wow. I was Detention Queen in Middle School, I always had it, it seemed. I didn't care that I was missing recess.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I got suspended for a week for drinking, had a bottle of gin in my bag so I couldn't deny it!


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  • I got a week of ISS for writing a note, when I was 15, to a bitter ex. My buddy wrote most of it, I just added a joke or two, but I took the blame and he only got 2 days.


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  • I never had detention. Even if I tried to make trouble the teachers wouldn't believe it.