Mom setting finding her daughter a proper guy on a dating site?

I messaged this girl on a dating site, and I get a response back saying it's actually the mother who i'm messaging and not the actual girl in the pic. The mom is in the pic too, but i'm just thinking this is weird. What do you guys think? I don't get many responses back when I message girls, so i'm pondering whether or not I should just throw in the towel now and find another girl. I mean really is the mom going with her on the date?

I meant to say Mom is finding her daughter dates on a dating website for the title. My bad.
Maybe that's what it is. She made it without her daughter knowing. I mean I know some girls are close to their mothers, but I don't think many would go for this. Or am I wrong? Then the mom is going to be like sweetie, look at the guy I found for you! Then she'll be like EWWW!!


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  • What have you got to lose?

    • Nothing, but it seems weird.

    • Weird can be good sometimes. It is better than thinking what if.

      Although you should ask if her daughter is aware of this.

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  • That's really fucking weird, I would just pass on that shit man.

    • either that or you secretly hit the jackpot for the mom and daughter combo *sarcasm*

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  • I would contact the girl just to let her know that here mom is doing this horrible thing!
    That mom needs to but out and get a life. But as for you yeah I would find another girl and let her mom know that she is making her daughter look bad. lol

  • Lol

    Well maybe a different girl will do
    This one is more like if you have the patience.

    I would stick around and have fun but that's me.


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