Have you ever been in Marianas Web?

Yesterday i finaly got to marianas web and I've seen some terible thinks there i was just curius that is so hard to go there and its the 80% of the internet and i feel sick after getting out of there if you have been there how do you feel?

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Here you guys what marianas web is pre00.deviantart.net/.../...s_by_lulgl-d79y9wy.png


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  • Nope.


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  • there's no such thing as levels of the deep web. And that image is bullshit! There's a ton of them, and none of them are true! www.google.no/search

    You got the deep web, that's it. It's a huge clusterfuck of legal, semi-legal, and illegal sites. You can "rank" it by how bd it is, but none of that deep shit seen on any of those images showing "levels of the deep web" is real!
    Generally, we KNOW what the deep web contains. Problem is just it's hard figuring who uses it. That's why the criminals use it, not because it's impossible to conceal, but because it's impossible to decode and track the connections if done right.

    And the rest? well, it's all just loose data! There's no secret conspiracy to it.


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  • Is that the same as the "dark web" or the "deep web" or whatever? If so then no.

    • If you see the link i posted its a picture if you are scared to click it well it tell you deep web is level 3 dark web is level 4 private web is level 5 then is marianas web Live torture Hitmans social network for murderes serial killers. human experiments, Buy real life dolls for 40k and 80% more

    • Oh okay gotcha. Didn't even know there were different ones, just thought it was all called the dark web. No, I've heard some fucked up stuff though and don't ever want to see any of it. I would probably feel really sick and maybe traumatized. 😖

What Guys Said 2

  • nah

  • It's Bloody Awful! I've seen things, Man! Violent, Bloody, Illuminatic, Demonic, Horrible Things! Don't Ever Try to get there! Once you're there, it's Too Late! They'll Find You!

    Not to sound too crazed, but being wanted by five US government agencies, the UN, and three terror organizations can become a little vexing after a while.