What to name my new baby sim?

She's the newborn daughter of my sims Lorna and Dean. They're special Sims to me because they were both adopted for death experiments and spared.

Dean (birth name Clyde) was a baby when he arrived, being adopted by my eldery super-Sim Jenny. I had just killed my mean Sim Ahmed Hossein and wanted to get some kids to see if they could die. I opened the adoption catalogue. I wanted a child so I wouldn't deal with a baby, but they didn't load so I just decided to get the black baby. When he came, his crib arrived in the room where I starved Ahmed. I quickly aged him up to a teen and gave up on killing him right there. He was insanely gorgeous.

Lorna was adopted by my aliens-in disguise Sims. They were spared after I drowned all other aliens in the household. I adopted Lorna with 5 more children to drown them and add more tombstones to my graveyard. I aged them up to teens and killed the rest, but she reminded me of myself with her glasses and high bun. I thought "they'd look awesome with Dean" and spared her, sending her off to the King household after aging her to a young adult. They were very compitable. I got them both fertility rewards, Lorna got pregnant at her (and his) first WooHoo and bow she's at the hospital giving birth. What should I name this little baby? It's a girl.


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