What happened to @emerald77?

Although she was goin full anon for a few months…she was VERY active on a daily basis…but I noticed her Xper’s being static for some weeks now…

I kinda “miss” her somehow tbh even if we had a fight and ended up blockin each other… :|


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  • Sadly, her profile is private so I can't really know what's going on with her points but she's active apparently, she's the number one now that ixxi left... She's taking a break I guess, she's the number one and the second guy who's below her has a long way to overcome her

    • Belgie u mean? he's been inactive for a long time actually... basically only BertMacklin and Stacyzee r active among da top 3/gender...

    • yeah, him

      oh wow, I didn't know

      bert is very close then

      Thanks <3

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  • Is this Klaatu?

    • huh... wot? so u came off anon? y? and yes... basically i USED to be dis guy u said... i'm not active anymore wid dat account... now i post 100% anon...

      anyway glad u r ok...

  • I just saw her commenting on a post just now..


  • oh wow... I don't know who that is!

    • check top Xper GAGers...

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