I am 6'0, 175 lbs, and wear a size 10 shoe what are your measurements?


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  • 6'2, athletic 195lbs, size 14-15 shoe

  • You must be very skinny. I'm 5'11" 195 pounds and wear size 12 shoe. I think that means I have big feet.

    • I'm not at all skinny but thanks for trying.

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    • How tiresome, you appear to be a walking case study of body dysmorphic disorder. Even upon the posting of a link validating my claims from the national institute of health you remain blissfully ignorant (or perhaps simply in perpetual denial) of the invalidity of your claims which I so easily falsified.

      In reluctant response to your nonsensical blathering, many bodybuilders are overweight, because weight is weight, regardless of what tissue constitutes it. The human heart has to work just as hard to support 250lbs of muscle as it does 250lbs of fat. I would argue that it has to work harder to support muscle because muscle cells require more oxygen (and hence ATP) for their metabolic functions.

      However, I doubt you will pay the slightest attention to this, as the vanity of your sort often comes coupled with a diagnosis of incurable incredulity.

    • Wow dude you're a moron. I can't believe you just said that hahahaha "The human heart has to work just as hard to support 250 pounds of muscle as it does 250 pounds of fat." There is so much retardation in that sentence it's amazing.

      You're telling me a 200 pound man with 7% bodyfat's heart is just as taxed as a 200 pound man of equal height with 25% bodyfat. That's some kindergarten logic right there. It takes a lot of good nutrition and cardio to get 200 pounds of pure muscle. The muscle man's heart is working smoothly, while the fat man's heart is struggling after he walks a flight of stairs.

      You lost all credibility when you cited a BMI because it's simply too general to be of scientific use. Everyone knows this by now, you can find the info yourself. You can't measure a person's level of fatness based on their height and weight alone, that's not "nonsensical blathering" that's the truth.