What religion is this considered?

so i was born into a jewish Israeli family. i'm 100% israeli, and i am covered in tattoos, i eat cheese with meat, bacon, shellfish. everything. because i believe that i shouldn't be told how to live my life according by a book that was "written" thousands of years ago

now i do believe in some sort of higher power, i go to temple sometimes a pray sometimes. but i just find it hard to believe those tiny little specific things that involve religion. those little things, those stories, little rules. i find it pretty ridiculous.

i believe that religion is some sort of barrier from reality. my uncle is a very religious jew. not those crazy guys with the suits and hats, but he is quite religious. anyway, any problem he has, whether its with his wife, financial, with this children, health, etc, he goes and consults with the rabbi on what to do. i find this ABSURD. his 8 year old child, my cousin, is underdeveloped in every aspect of himself. everything he speaks is nonsense, he is short, skinny, and immature. a few years ago my uncle went to the rabbi and asked "rabbi what is wrong with my child?" and the rabbi just said "give him time he will grow and everything will be ok, let god do his work". BUT THE KID IS FUCKING 8 and i swear he's autistic. now its not my job to tell him this at all, but he needs to see a fucking professional. the child is just out of touch with reality. okay, getting a little off topic...

i identify as jewish by culture until i die. but by faith, what am i considered?


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  • If you are israeli i need your help

    • im israeli

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    • כל הכבוד

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  • Agnostic theist, by the sounds of it. You seem to have an issue with organized religion, but are open to the idea that there is some sort of creative power, but such power is unknowable and/or undefinable. Or you could just call yourself 'spiritual, but not religious'. That's a catch-all that covers a LOT of edge cases, and would probably be appropriate here.


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  • I think you are Deist like me , Deist is believing in God (high power ) creetor but you are not interested in Religions or you dont follow it
    I think you are more spiritual person you like praying and visiting holy places
    well Im the same and its very normal , many people are like Us :)
    greeting to you wherever you are ^^

    • wow is that you in that people? you are beautiful! oh my god

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    • Hey Hey you I don't hate anyone ^^ and by the way I had friend in Israel :) so dont worry
      and I don't follow any religion so I don't have any reasons to hate anyone
      I wish for peace too and I think many people wish for that :)
      I dont hate Israel I trust any place have good and bad people
      I may disagree with the governments but I disagree with ours too :)
      you can be my friend I don't mind. I'm happy I met new Israeli friend here
      salam from Egypt :) shalom to you

    • we are allies yes :) the pharaohs and the Semitic people
      I wish we will be future friends :)

  • Why do you need to put a lable on it? You know where you come from and you know who you are right now. Why should anyone (even yourself) force you to put a label on it.
    You're young and you have time to figure these things out. Right now i think you just need to focus on living the life that you want to live.


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  • You have ethnicity, culture, and religion confused.

    You are, from my understanding:
    Israeli in ethnicity and atheistic in religion. I dont really know what you are like nor do i know that much about you sub-sectional heritage so i can't really say much about your exact culture other than that it is middle eastern/ Israeli.

    • i'm not asking for you to tell me anything about my culture, because that is irrelevant to my question entirely.

    • Wow, buddy. didn't mean to step on your toes or anything...

      Like i said, i think your problem is that you have culture, ethnicity and religion mixed up.
      By the way, i didn't read that middle bit, must of skipped over it by accident. However, i now see that you are not an Atheist (which is weird cause you act just like one) but are instead a more ethically driven individual.

      There is a new movement in the religiou world that can loosely be defined as a religious super-market. This is where individuals go through religions and study their morals, then pick and choose ethical codes (not laws but, opinions i guess) to follow from as many or as few religions as you want.

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