What would be the best prepaid card to use with an online banking account?

I am looking to open an online banking account but I am confused on how I would get money onto the account other than wire transfers. The bank im looking at doesn't seem to have its own debit card either. I also want to use an ATM for the bank but not have to pay fees for transfers.


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  • I'm not sure how it works with you but I have a debit "Mastercard". Which you are able to use online.

    All banks have a Debit card, they just say they don't have that option so you can end up getting a credit card *which is a scheme they do*

    There is no fees for transferring money etc. I guess it also depends on the bank aswell. But I either can go to an ATM and pop the card in and use coins/notes to transfer (cash on hand) into that card (online bank account). I can also keep track of it on my banking app.

    Maybe someone in the states can help you as I'm from Australia and the banking maybe quite different. All I know is i have a savings account and another account, on that same card (that i do not spend at all, i just let it eat up interest from the bank).


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