Dream made me sad?

I had a dream last night about a boy who had just told me it'd be better if we weren't friends at all. I've been really sad lately about it and every night I dream about him. last night though made me really upset. In this dream he didn't even care about what he said to me or how much he hurt me. how can I stop dreaming about him?


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  • Thats nothing! I had a dream I saw a guy commit sucide in front of my eyes! I never seen this guy but it like I know him. The worse part of all when he jump off the bulding and landed on the ground he went out cold. I felt like I jumped with him... sad dreams


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  • Maybe talk to him in real life to get some reassurance that he DOES care about you? That way you can get rid of negative emotions that bother you

    • but he told me it would be better if we weren't friends at all and that he doesn't feel the Same way about the close friendship we had like I did

    • But that was only a dream.. wasn't it? I mean when he said that not being friends with you would be better?

    • no in person he said he never wants to be friends with me but im having sad dreams.. sorry it's confusinh

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