Small talk: Should I Ask my Coworkers about their day if I don't care?

I see my coworkers asking me and others pointless questions like what did i have for lunch. how was my day etc and i can't be bothered to answer them.

Am i supposed to annoy them with the same questions?


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  • People like small talk. I would, otherwise people might start to think you're the asshole of the office.
    No one really cares what another person had for lunch unless they're a paid dietician, but it's just kind of decency to ask this shit.

    • I started to do it more often. They tend to ask when I'm b working etc so i do it to them too now.

      Yesterday i asked my coworker how's the wife and he wouldn't fuckimg shut up. I've been scared to ask him anything now

    • That's why you go for questions that warrant simple answers. Talking about new babies, marriages or political views could go on until your 86th birthday.

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  • I feel the same way girl. But greeting like this is what keeps up from shanking one another when we're walking though hallways.


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  • I don't think so. Just ask them if you really mean it, not just for the sake of being nice.


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