Has the War on Terror been just a continuous set of lies?

There seems to be a lot of lies surrounding this war on terror. It all dates back to September 11th 2001 when George W. Bush stated on no less than two occasions that he saw the first plane hit the WTC on Sept 11 but footage of the first plane crashing into the WTC didn't surface until the day after.

He claimed his government had no prior knowledge of 9/11 happening yet instantly seemed to know that it was Osama Bin Laden and laid the blame on Al-Qaeda and then a few short weeks later invaded Afghanistan. About six months after the invasion of Afghanistan, he was asked about Bin Laden and shrugged the question off stating he knew nothing about the man's whereabouts and that the war in Afghanistan was more than just finding one man; the man allegedly responsible for the heinous crime. The objective of the war of Afghanistan seemed to have changed to become about nation building rather than bringing the alleged puportator to justice.

Then there was Iraq; Saddam had weapons of mass destruction was the narrative used to invade Iraq without the UN weapons inspectors finding any W. M. D's. The narrative again changed to Saddam having the capabilities of creating weapons of mass destruction and that he committed grave atrocities against his own people. So no evidence of weapons of mass destruction then?

Then enters Obama who says he'll shut down Gitmo and fast forward nearly seven years later and the last British suspect has been flown home from the detention camp. He pulled US troops out of Iraq in 2009 which created a power vaccum in which ISIS has grown and it's reported that the US government along with others had helped finance ISIS in recent years. Then there's the whole "we found the world's most notorious bogeyman hiding in Pakistan and we shot him, killed him and buried him at sea" with no evidence to back this claim up.

This War on Terror has been going on for fourteen years and in that time our freedoms have been assaulted with legislation designed to restrict our personal freedom in order to ensure our safety. It's all getting a little 1984 for my liking, a little bit Stalinist and I have to ask whether anyone else feels like they have been lied to constantly about this War on Terror?

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  • It's always best just to assume anything anybody tells you when you didn't solicit the information is a lie. The question you should ask yourself is, "why are they telling me this?" Unless you are pretty certain the answer is, "because they care so much about my well being" it's very likely to be a lie.

    • All I know is there has been a lot of misinformation, propaganda and lies spewed out from Western governments over the last fourteen years and all the while our individual freedoms and rights are being oppressed with legislation designed to keep us "safe".

    • I doubt it's a conspiracy to steal our rights. More like a way for politicians to solidify their power and get their hands on more money. It isn't our liberties they want, they are competing with each other in a game of power and status, the abridgment of our rights is a by-product.

    • Possibly, but I find legislation like the Patriot Act to go against everything the US constitution and bill of rights stands for and I am disappointed that people aren't actively putting pressure on their government to repeal it. It seems to have been accepted and because it doesn't directly impact the average citizen's day-to-day operations it becomes just another media story, just another piece of legislation and it is forgotten about.

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  • Yes, much of the US' middle east politics are indeed based on lies. Though the whole thing goes back much further than 2001. To be precise, it all started in the year 1953 when the US putsched the democratically elected Iranian president Mossadegh out of office and installed its puppet, the Shah. This is when the history of American interventionalism and regular fuck-up began in the middle east and it hasn't stopped until today, more than 60 years later.

  • stop.

    you have no first hand knowledge unless you served.. have you?

    • I'm not talking about serving, I am talking about what Politicians have said or have said they will do. Why are we not allowed to question what our government tells us. If the government tomorrow tells you that the world is flat are you blindly going to agree with them without daring to question them even if you know they are wrong?

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    • Those who served are cannon fodder, they got the bullets, not the decisions.