Dream interpretation: Dream I had Thursday night, help?

Can someone help me decipher my dream please?

Last Thursday night I had a dream where I woke up in my exes room at about 7:30PM and all the lights were off. I got up from her bed and turned on her lamp, I immediately noticed that I was in her room. One of the main things I noticed was that her face was covered on all her pictures on the wall. Any picture that she was in, her face was covered, it was weird. I then walked out of her door and into her hallway, her face was covered in the pictures hanging out there too. I then noticed the time on the cable box, it was 7:35PM, nobody was home, and it was a weekday. This is the time her and her family normally get home, I must leave! I run down the stairs to leave through the front door and I hear a key turning in the lock. I start running back up the stairs and back into her room. I quickly decided to jump out her window, I did. After I jumped out, I woke up.
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  • You want to block her out of your mind but there are landmarks that trigger the past you long to forget.

  • Do you still have feelings for your ex?

    • I guess, I don't know

    • Could be that you still have some emotional ties with her. Somewhere in the back of your mind you want to get back with her perhaps. Thus the reason she has made an appearance in your dream.