From this convo would you say he's just very self centered or just lacks any social skills?

from this convo would you say he's just very self centered or just lacks any social skills?:

We work at the same place and there was supose to be a beer tasting, so this in the convo from that day and the day after:

Him: are you going to the beer tasting today?
me: i was considering it, yes
him: hehe :) its gong to be good!
me: Im hope so^^
Him: can't really complain about free beer
me: true
him: i hope they have Crabbies!
Him: i hope dont get thrown out this time
me: (Y)
him : I was thrown out on Saturday
me: haha
him: So now i have one sjenkestopp* and one eviction, haha
me: ^^
him: have you gotten any evictions or anything like that?
me: no, i never have enough money to get to that point, haha
him: hahahah, i see!
him: why isn't the time 18.30 yet? i want beer!
him: because that way i can drink away my soreness XD

next day:
Him: it was really nice with that beer tasting yesterday! ^^ i wasn't at hime before 3-4 am, haha
me: haha
him: first we were at "hulen", then "kvarteret" and then "ujevnt", i got quite drunk!
him: yay, i get a package tomorrow

*i dont know the enligsh tem for it, but it basically means that the people at the bar or night clubtells you can't drink anymroe becuse they think you're too drunk basically

Any convo we have together goes something similar to this one.. its full of him making statements about himself



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  • Well and it sounds like he's trying to have a convo over text. Texts aren't meant for long conversations

    • I have problems thinking he wants to have a convo when he only talks about himself

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