Have you ever had an actual dream about your "dream guy/girl" that you describe to other people?

Like, for people that have answered the "describe your dream guy/girl" or "what are qualities you look for in a guy/girl". Have you ever had an actual dream about them?
I'm a bit hilariously weirded out right now, I think this site is starting to infect my actual life. I had a dream about my "dream guy"? His parents were killed in a rebellion in China, he learned swordfighting and killed his parent's murderers. Then came to America to get a Master's in business and work for a medical engineering company. He likes to eat, is nice to my grandma, and can reverse/back up/park a car from about 10 spaces down (this was a major deciding factor). For fun (I think, otherwise it's a plot twist in my dream) we go out to the woods and fight each other with wooden swords, which I think was really fun.
o_o wtf. I'm so undateble the only date I can get is in my dreams. LMFAO.
I also ate like, half a pizza yesterday and they do say that pizza gives you weird dreams.


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  • To answer your question, yes I have.

    How detailed are your dreams? It's like a novel!
    A basic dream for me is:
    •Chilling in a KFC then the Teletubbies are in a fight with the power rangers and I have to destroy a giant eagle dragon with a Kamehameha!
    Then just as I'm given the thing I want most, I wake up slowly and feel it slowly disappearing from my hands!

    • Dude I have amazing dreams. One time, I had one where I was attacked by a mutated spider woman and woke up with my neck scratched open and bloody. And I had another one involving murderous bears, time travel, lasers, faeries, and Obama. And another one where I was a Trex and everyone was a dinosaur and there was an epic world war.

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    • I've had inception dreams.
      And I've had drunk people adventure dreams. Except I wasn't asleep and they weren't dreams.

    • blog.atinternet.com/.../17.gif

      Lmao, my dreams are so intense its like I'm high, not that I used illegal drugs recreationally...

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