Guys, how would you react if the girl you think hates you actually always liked you?

I'm currently in 8th grade but have known him since 3rd grade. Anyway he has two classes with me and we're suppose to do a school project.

I went off letting him think it's my unlucky day and acted in a kind of moody way. Off course in my spare time alone, I actually though ''cool, I'm gonna work on this school project with my crush''. I toned it down but yes, I was more meaner when younger (for instance slipping my foot and tripping him right in the mud).

I don't think he figure it out yet. Hopefully not though.


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  • I'd be like

    "the fuck is wrong with you?"

    • Ok. Maybe I'm embarrassed and don't know how he'll take it. That's my secret I have not told anyone but yes I'm looking forward to finish the school project with him (he thinks I meant what I said but I was actually happy when he got choosen in our group for it).

    • well, best part is, you're both young, so these experiences are good learning blocks.

  • Did you used to call him football head?


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