Advice for sneaking out?

So before you judge, I'm 18 just still living at home. And my parents are super protective! I live in the safest neighbourhood in my city and police literally drive by every day. I live right by an elementary school and a park. There's even like a bunch of stores and a church right across from my house. All very safe. I have a good amount of friends and they're all great people. They don't do drugs or anything and I've known them a while. Particularly a guy I'm seeing I like to go to his house. And basically we just hang out and watch tv, go driving around listen to music get food etc and I've now got my escapes pretty down pat. My rooms in the basement and so I just crawl in and out of my window. Everyone else's room is upstairs. And they go to bed around 11 or 12 and that's when I go. And then I chill for a few hours then sneak back in. My biggest problem right now is that my window is very squeaky. It actually doesn't have a lock. It just slides open and shut. How do I get out quieter? And I can't go out the door Cus it beeps when it gets opened. Also, any other tips i should keep in mind for sneaking out? I think I've mastered it over the past few months but still


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  • Hahaha! I love it!
    For the squeaky windows, spray a little bit of WD-40 or put a drop of oil (pretty much any type would help... motor oil, maybe olive oil or vegetable oil even... Thicker is better, but again, anything will help, just might not last as long) on the hinges, wherever there is metal on metal movement. That should quiet things down quite a bit. Google "How to fix squeaky windows" and you'll probably find articles or how-to videos if you need help.

    As for other tips, just think about possible things that could go wrong and have a plan ready to go just in case.
    Teens/young adults like yourself have been sneaking out for a long time, you're not doing anything new :-)
    Just be safe and have fun.

    • Yeah thanks! I was thinking of WD 40 but I feel like that would stink pretty bad.. also, I normally don't have too many issues other than the window part. My parents room and window is just under mine though. So I'm afraid they'll look out their window or hear me and see me outside

    • Nah it won't smell bad. Wear black when you head out to keep less visible

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  • A very small amount of oil on the sliding part of the window in the morning and open it and shut it a few times to let it spread and by nightime the oil should slick it enough so it doesn't sqweak. I had to do this to my bedroom door hinges because they were super loud and now they don't make a sound.

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