What do I do now? Should I just leave it, and him, alone or text him, or what?

Okay, so I started talking to this guy a few days before Halloween. Totally nice, flirty, cute. Really liked him. We talked a little about past relationships and if my family would mind if I my boyfriend was a different ethnicity (he's Korean), which they wouldn't. He invited me over to his place and I said I'd rather get coffee, then go straight to his place. Anyway. Halloween. I was hosting a party Halloween night, so me and my room mates were preparing all day, while downing mimosas and screwdrivers. Not the best idea I know. Right before the party I sent him a picture of me in my costume and he really liked it, then a few more shots chased by rum punch in, I invited him over. I warned him I was already drunk but said he could come over any way. Which he did. I don't exactly remember what happened next, but my friends filled me in the best they could. Apparently when he showed up, I was sitting on the floor in the living room trying to sober up. They said I stood up and we went outside to the fire pit. We had put some couches and chairs around it to make it more comfortable. So he sat down and I think I did too, before laying my head in his lap. I'm not sure how it happened, but I remember laying with my head in his lap and we were talking or something. Then I got sick. I sat up, leaned over the side of the couch and puked. My friends said that he helped me inside. Made sure my friend got me water. Took me to my room. Watched as I undressed and got into bed, then turned off the light. He then went out and talked to my friends. They said he seemed super concerned and that he said he'd see them again, then left. The morning after I texted him and apologized. He said it was okay and I asked if I completely fucked us up, and he said no and that we can hang out again. So I was like, yes, I didn't completely fuck up. But then Monday morning I texted him good morning, like we usually do, but no response. Now I don't know what to do.


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  • let him come to you. you dont wanna seem desperate. if he responds then great if he doesn't then move on to the next one