Iphone upgrade help?

I've got a iPhone 4S that it literally falling apart😭😫in desperate need of a new phone anyway I'm on ee network and I'm on a 2 year contract that ends next week so I an finally upgrade it. I was wondering if I would be able to upgrade to the iphone 6? or would I only be able to upgrade to the 5c or 5s ( because it's after the 4s)


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  • You can only go one level up, but did you know that if you really want to upgrade it NOW... call your provider and threaten to leave them, and they'll rather give you an early upgrade and maybe if you really play your cards right they may even push you to the six.

    • I think I'll ask to upgrade to the 6 and if they say no then I'll threaten to leave and see how it goes☺️Thank you that's a good idea x

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  • Try getting an android instead, if you can. I've never had any issues with mine breaking or messing up in any way.


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  • Actually, you could just buy a real phone like a Nexus 5X.

    (by the way, obviously you can upgrade to iPhone 6)


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