How can I help my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend were wanting to have kids when we were married now he decides he doesn't want any. He's afraid of something bad happening to them. We lost a young boy from our town who practing for a football game last night a 3rd or 4th grader was practing he just passed out and died. They never said what actually happened. One of his favorite singers said her and her daughter are dying from cancer her daughter is only 1. He just read online that a young baby nearly died while his parents refused to feed him because it said they had better things to do. His mom was telling stories about when he was little he ran out in the road good thing she is the neighbors saw him or he probably wouldn't even be here today. But he didn't know it was bad he just a kid. Even some college students around here are dumber than rocks. They walk out in front of cars not looking they don't know why its so cold in their room because they don't seen to know what an air conditionor is. Im still wondering how half these kids even made it to college. He's worried our kid might turn out stupid or something happening to it. He's feeling sad right now. How can I help him feel better?


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  • Tell him that any children you have will grow up in a very loving household with two parents who would do everything for them. There's always going to be a risk of random accidents happening, but if you raise a child well, then they aren't likely to turn out to he an imbecile. You will teach them how to be healthy and careful.

    You will provide a home that allows a child to grow into something beautiful. He will want to see what can come of all the love that gets put into a child.

  • I say just give him space its not like he can fix people from being dumb!


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