When you have no friends or dates what do you do?

So im in a current situation where I dont really have any close friends and I want to date, but since I dont really have any friends I rarely go out drinking or to any event Basically hence I dont meet guys either

I joined a volunteer group to make some more friends, but I see the people there max once a week which makes it very difficult for me to make any close friends.

So at this point I dont know what to do? To meet guys should I go alone to things? Any advice on where to meet people?


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  • well in this situation i try to reply to other people's question and try to make new friend

    • But I want real life friends... I have no interest in online friends since I can't go out with them or do stuff with them

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    • No.. not at all. I get to know people by seeing them regulary and meeting them one on one rather then in a bigger group. Untill now most I meet I meet once or twice a week either in work or party context aka they are eother drunk or buzy wut a lot if other people. . The few friends I have managed to make dont like to do the same things as I do..

    • Well then the thing is you have to wait then ! you'll find the right person sometimes it happens that whatever you want to do your friends might not like it but you'll one day find one person who will do the same stuff with you and in much crazier way!!

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