What's it feel like to press a pregnant belly versus a non pregnant belly?

Like early on in pregnancy though.

I always thought a pregnant stomach was hard and a non pregnant one is soft

is this true?


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  • What does it feel like for the person pressing? Or the person being pressed? Or the baby inside?

    • The person pressing. Like what do they feel?

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    • Okay. Jw this is for a friend. Who thinks she could be pregnant but don't know anything about it.
      I know she's had stomach pains
      Spotting that's like a brownish color
      Feeling tired etc
      Her last period was OCT 15th

      That's all I know.

      She's 19

    • Well I can tell you that pushing on someone's belly is not a certified pregnancy test. lmao. There are test kits in the pharmacy and also the doctor. And I am not going to try to diagnose her symptoms.

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