Do you find this video funny?

(No its not nothing crule or bad.)

But I find it funny!

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  • I hate how cops are getting such a bad reputation these days when a lot of the time, it starts with someone refusing to comply or trying to run/fight. Not saying the cops are always justified in taking it to whatever level they take it to, but seriously people... You get pulled over by a cop or confronted by a cop, it's not exactly the time or place to be a smart ass or show off your knowledge of your rights. File a complaint after the fact or wait until your day in court to make your case.
    All the times I've dealt with the police I've never had a problem. "Yes, sir" "No, sir" answers, make them feel safe and comfortable ("Registrations in my glove box, want me to get it for you?" / "License is in my wallet in my pocket, I'm going to undo my seatbelt and get it now"), and NEVER EVER try and get physically violent or even verbally aggressive with them. It's not something you ever come out of better for doing.
    Person in that vid got what they had coming, you DON'T assault an officer if you don't wanna get hurt badly. LOL


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  • i didn't really get what was happening lol


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