Is church a social club or is it more of a charity investment for believers to demonstrate their love for God?

When I go to church, everybody is always very nice to me and I always have a dozen people who are interested in making conversation with me. I assumed it was because we were in the house of God and in houses of worship it is your duty to be kind to the people who come there.

However today a very shy guy went to the bible study I go to every week and nobody talked to him. They just flat out let him stand in a corner by himself while everybody else was mingling with others.

I always thought people talked to me cause houses of worship demand good behaviour but maybe they talk to me because they like my personality and confidence? Why don't they talk to him?

I am only outgoing at church and with girls who have the same classses at me at school. If it is somebody I don't know - I will not initiate conversation. I am 30 years old and assume many of them would not want to socialize with me since I'm different from the other students.


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  • Sadly many churches today have devolved into a social club. Church pancake breakfasts. Church spaghetti dinners. Watch the Sunday school Christmas play! Come to the church car wash! Join us at the Men's Bible retreat! Don't forget that wonderful worship concert coming up!

    I personally believe they should leave church at church, and if you have friends you want to get together with for a social thing do that with your friends. I'm not saying we shouldn't socialize with strangers or make new friends with church members. But church is for hearing and learning the word of God, and coming together as a congregation to encourage each other in the faith as brethren. All that other stuff I should come second, and unfortunately it seems like those things are the main reason I see many people coming to church.


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  • I would classify church as a scam used to take money from people and use religion as an excuse for a tax break. But maybe that is just me.

  • I'd say it's a little of both. Everyone is nice in church because they want more members to feel welcome in that environment as it helps them gather up more members and donations.

  • Just going to throw this out there... people don't like shy men. Especially when attractive women are around to talk to.


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