How do you like my drawings?

How do you like my drawings?

I put together a fresh batch of new pictures that I drew πŸ˜›πŸ˜› (Yes the first one is my boyfriend and I know my humans suck xD) How are they? When I get older I want to work in animating movies and stuff I think as a second option.


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  • No, the human pic is the best and most original of the bunch. By far.

    You have genuine, could-get-a-job-at-Disney talent. And I know wherefrom I speak. If drawing/drafting/animation is something you're serious about, consider submitting a portfolio to major studios when you get closer to college age. Also look into drawing and art programs at state schools (if you're in the US). You could potentially get a scholarship with this level of talent. But you're going to want to focus on original images, intriguingly drawn, like the first, and move further away from the Pikachus of the world. :)

    Good luck.


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