Why Did I Kissed Another girl?

I'm currently suffering from a lot Depression, Relationship issues such as Complication and Complicated Relationships, Confusions, Anger, Temper, Moodiness and I'm not being myself at all. I'm feeling quite lost in my path. Apparently My relationship with my ex and myself is quite complicated where sometimes we tend to be lovey and breaky or lonely or unstabil. To be honest, I have no ideas what's happening within myself and my relationship but throughout my whole life, I have been used, humiliated, disgraced and abused verbally and even emotionally. So based on all of this particular issues and i'm suffering from deep confusion and I'm so damn bloody garboiled with my own path till when anyone or anybody scolds me or tend to hurt me, I tend to do something stupid and the most stupidest thing I have done is which I have kissed another girl who has been asking me to kiss her, I didn't ask her but she was influencing me to kiss her and at 1st i rejected and finally i agreed because i felt maybe i made her upset and maybe she is like me too.

I feel so guilty and confused because I love my EX truly but we are in a complicated relationships and emotions.

Help me guys. I need some advice. Please be supportive and be encouragable.


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  • dont take meds but just therapy


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