Why do I have to be alone?

I just want someone here. Someone to talk to on long nights and slow days. It seems as if nobody cares anymore. I've lost everybody. Nobody listens to me. My quiet whispers turn into cries for help in my head. I'm a failure. I want to finish school and all I have to do is finish a bit of work but I have no motivation. Nobody to push me forward. Sometimes this causes me to just lay in bed and listen to the static of the TV play like a rhythm as my vision fades into false realities of what I wish life were like. My only friends are here on reddit and they're my two only friends. They're just not enough. I need people here. I'm tired. I'm tired of being ignored. I'm also just plain tired. I wanna lay in bed for years in hope that maybe, just maybe, it'll kill me. I'm afraid to do it any other way. I'm done with fighting.


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  • People can be surrounded by friends and family but yet , they can still feel alone. Usually when a person feels alone it's because no one can relate to how they are feeling. If you talk to others about how you feel , it's sometimes a case of that they hear you , but they don't understand.

    Sometimes in life you just have to learn to be your own best friend. We all need a hug sometimes and someone who will encourage us to keep going, but until that person comes along you have to give yourself what need. Find new interests , so you have more opportunities to meet new people.

    If you can't change your situation then you are challenged to change how you respond to it.

    • My family resents me (they've told me to my face) and I have no, zero, nada, none, zip, etc friends. I've been alone for too long.

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  • I'll be your friend :)

    I'm also quite lonely. I don't have many friends either. You're not a failure because you can't always help for your circumstances. You can be the best person ever but that doesn't mean people you are dealt with will always see that.

    • Thank you. It means a lot.

      I don't have any friends so yeah loneliness is a factor. Kinda sucks how we get into these circumstances. Life sucks.

    • Well I can't message you so you'll have to message me if you want to be friends :)

  • I would like to be your listener

    • There's many things to listen about but I'd rather not scare you away.

  • If you want friends then make some, you just have to put in effort like with everything else in life. Do you have family you could talk to? Getting a pet might also help.

    • Easier to say than do. My family resents me and I can't afford a pet.

    • It is, I realize that because I'm the same (except that I have family to turn to), but most things take effort, like I said. Why does your family resent you?

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