What was wrong with me growing up? Did I suffer from paranoia?

I have a confession. When I was younger, 15 I use to think that these little creatures was following me all the time. (Just laught) Me and my family just moved to a new state, I was always in my room, we didn't really no anyone here. I think being in my room so much, made me think a lot. And I thought I was the only one on this earth and that these creatures would follow me... but I didn't see the creatures physically or hear voices, it was like I was creating this movie in my mind. When I think about it now I feel stupid and I laugh. I don't know.. I think my problem was, I felt alone. I have a good loving family, but I was just going through teen issues... I don't know. I dont think it had anything to do with my ADHD, but my mind sometimes races, and I will think of some weird stuff lol. I will over think. I also use to think someone put a small camera on my cloths. Thinking about Im embarrassed. Im healthy, I meditate, and I dont have those thoughts. But sometimes, I could be at home, listening to music and dancing around the house, and I be thinking what if someone is watching right now, I laugh it off, because I dont want to think too much about it. But Im not crazy, I have a big heart, I love people. Do you think when I was younger, I was crazy?


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  • I did similar things when I was younger, and I was also quite alone. I think it's just a coping mechanism kids use, creating to not feel so alone.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • Never had this. I played with my little cars and lego when I was alone. I build castles with lego and send and enemy to destroy it. Oh and I played God of my little lego servants.

    That is pretty crazy if I look back :/


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