Please HELP Me get thought this rough patch in my life, and give me advice?

I have looked everywhere, I have tried everything, but still cannot find a job. I feel as I am becoming extremely depressed. I do not find anything intresting or exciting anymore. I am currently enlisted in the Army National Guard, but that has done nothing for me. I have a 2 year degree in criminal justice, and have taken many police exams, which I have passed all, but there has always been an obstacle in my way from getting hired. I am almost at the point of just giving up on everything. I am not one to sit here, and ask for self pitty, but all I want is help advice something to guide me through my struggles right now.


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  • Jesus Loves you don't give up #noquit

    • I tired praying to God/ Jesus, but nothing. God doesn't care about a 26 year old loser from New York.

    • Not to be an asshole I appreciate the help.

    • he does too care if you honestly seek him and have no doubts something will change I know it :)

  • You should find a hiring agency or something to help you find a job in your field.


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